Ajay Beri is a Territory Developer for Jamba Juice who has years of restaurant management experience. As a Territory Developer for Jamba Juice, Ajay Beri is responsible for creating infrastructure, systems, policies and procedures for Jamba Juice locations in LA county. Ajay Beri maintains the highest level of guest service at all times and utilizes his understanding of the restaurant industry to deliver the best possible customer experience.

Ajay Beri and the SoCalJamba team have helped drive home to the local community the importance of eating healthily. The team has even participated in a 5K run. Ajay Beri himself has participated in multiple marathons and will be running a half marathon in late October. The SoCalJamba team also gives back whenever possible and recently donated smoothies extensively to homeless people in the area.

Ajay Beri is proud to be part of the Jamba Juice developer team. The Jamba Juice company was founded in San Luis Obispo, California in 1990, and it is currently headquartered in Frisco, Texas. There are 849 Jamba Juice locations in seven countries. The company was actually started by a college senior and his few friends. Jamba Juice was a Senior Project as the founders were health and cycling enthusiasts. Ajay Beri is also cyclist enthusiast and has done several century and fundraising rides like Paddles to Give.

You can still see that dedication to nutrition and healthy living to this day. Jamba Juice offers juices, smoothies, and bowls that are made with all-natural ingredients that are good for you. Altogether, Jamba Juice supplies more than 250 million services of fruits and vegetables per year. Jamba Juice caters to customers in an age where more people are becoming health-conscious and taking ownership of their health.

Jamba Juice serves juices, smoothies, and bowls of all kinds to meet the nutrition needs and taste preferences of its customers. Ajay Beri and SoCalJamba team, for example, worked with Jamba Juice Corporate to develop the Chili Mango Smoothie to serve the vast Hispanic clientele in the Southeast Los Angeles area. The drink remains the most popular product in the region.

This blog will focus on Ajay Beri as well as the latest news and happenings from the SoCalJamba team. In addition to that, we will take some time to focus on how you can live a more healthy life. From putting on the running shoes and going out for a run to ordering a smoothie instead of a burger, this blog will look at ways everyone can take better care of themselves.